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Dos Almas Films is an art and film production company based in Los Angeles California. We are artists and storytellers dedicated

to create content across all platforms.

We specialize in video production, fiction film, documentary, 

sculpture, virtual reality, street art, muralism, art programs and 

social awareness.  


Our most recent projects include:

Conectarte a United Nations World Food Programe in

collaboration with the municipality of San Salvador to transform the lives of the youth affected by gang violence through

developing art.  

I am Migration a Multimedia Campaign / Art Project dedicated to encourage the media to stop portraying immigration as threat. Viral video #IamMigration was the first step of the campaign followed by I Am Migration documentary where 

Paola Baldion and Jamie Toll travel across the USA providing free DNA tests to the people they encounter in order to show them

their true migrants roots.

Virtual Borders Arizona an art exhibit that uses virtual reality to take you to one of the most dangerous deserts in the US -- where it often reaches 100 degrees. For people chasing the American Dream, it is a deadly road to travel. The project consists of three sculptures representing those who have dared cross Arizona's dry areas, often in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones.


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